Thank you for your interest in working with us! I respect your time and energy, as well as my own, which is why I have created this application to ensure that working together would be a mutually beneficial collaboration. I am excited to see how I could assist you in bringing your best self and best health into existence!

I work with clients in the U.S. and abroad at various stages in their physical form development; from experienced gym-goers who are looking to take their body and health to the next level, to beginners who have never had a structured fitness regimen before and KNOW it's their time to make a change.

Whether you are seeking to lose weight, build muscle (or both), or just feel vitality in your body, you came to the right place. 

Maintaining a top quality training program is VERY important to me, therefore I do work with a maximum number of clients at a given time. There may be a wait list for new clients depending on the current number of clients I am serving. 

Being committed and ready to do what it takes to succeed definitely helps your chances in getting accepted into the Vegan Goddess Fitness 1:1 coaching program.

I look forward to getting to know you through this application so that I may develop a program that is tailor-made to suit your needs and goals. 

I look forward to learning about you.
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Which best describes your goals?
I need to lose body fat
I am focused on muscle growth
I need to do both: lose weight AND gain muscle
I just need more energy. I am drained every day and not productive as I should be
  •  Strictly Plant-Based: For the first time, there is a fitness plan catered specifically for YOU and your plant based needs! 
  • Ethical Gainz: No animals shall be harmed in the making of your best body ever!
  •  Benefit:​Get one one one attention which helps you get your fitness challenges addressed quickly, and that means you can achieve your best body ever faster
  • For YOU: Individualized fitness game plan for YOUR goals so you're able to take the actions that are right for you at this moment, and travel your own unique, personal pathway to success
"Thank you so much! I learned so much with this workout plan. I have been doing it all wrong before. But I have seen a difference for sure. I can tell so much difference in my abs the most. Which was one of the main areas I wanted to work on. Also my booty! My hubby keeps telling me it's gotten plumper lol, I can tell it has lifted."
"I'm pretty surprised with myself. I put in the work and in a little less than a month my body is responding. 
I notice a difference in my skin, hair, my digestion is better, I feel lighter, and GOOD. 
Months of working out didn't really do anything until I focused on my nutrition and really took care of my body and self."