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Hey, I'm Jazmin
Your relationship with food
Become aware of how you interact with food and how that affects your results
Your relationship with self
Become aware of how your relationship with yourself affects your food choices
Nutrition fundamentals
Find the eating style for YOU and your goals

Results-Based Coaching and Trainings . . .

Kylee C
Fitness Coach For The Empowered Vegan Woman
I created Vegan Goddess Fitness to help vegan and plant based women elevate not only their body, but their life from the inside out. 

When I started my own fitness journey more than 8 years ago, I had lived my entire life disliking my body. Because of my relationship with my body, I didn't care to work out, so I was SO out of shape, I hated working out, and I ate a lot of processed food. I felt tired all the time and knew my physical body was holding me back from experiencing life the way it was supposed to be experienced. I didn't feel free.

One day, I finally decided enough was enough. I was tired of beating myself up, and I jumped headfirst into the world of health and fitness. Not long after, I went vegan and I fell in love with the lifestyle. 

Flash forward to today and my journey has evolved a lot! I focus on whole, plant based foods and teach my Vegan Goddess clients how to eat for health and not JUST fitness. Never in a million years would the old me have thought I’d be here, coaching incredible women to master their fitness and health goals. I LOVE helping amazing women like you reach their full potential, set themselves free by falling in love with their body, learn the ropes of plant-based eating and establish a fitness routine so they can get the amazing results they deserve.

To date, I’ve helped over 500 women build leaner, stronger, plant-powered bodies in a way that worked for THEIR goals and THEIR lifestyle" - All Rights Reserved - Terms Of Service