What others are saying... 
"i have results that exceeded my initial goals... 
my body is stronger, my arms, abs, and legs look the best they've ever looked!"
-Madai f.

What others are saying... 
"i have results 
that exceeded my 
initial goals... 
my body is 
my arms, abs, 
and legs look 
the best 
they've ever 
-Madai f.
What others are saying... 
What others are saying... 
"i have results 
that exceeded my 
initial goals... 
my body is 
my arms, abs, 
and legs look 
the best 
they've ever looked!"
-Madai f.
"This was everything I needed in my life at this time and I am forever grateful for Jazzy!"
- Madai 
"Jazzy's program is amazing and 
so are all the ladies in this group!"
Madai F
"Jazzy is absolutely amazing!! She is one of the most 
inspirational people I have ever met 
ur going to love her program"
"I can't recommend Jazzy enough!! I'm about halfway through my twelve week transformation program with her, and I couldn't be more pleased. If you want a jumpstart for your health, I recommend her program. She provides the emotional support I require and never got from any trainer ever, she adjusts the meal plan to meet your very specific needs, and she'll even adjust the workouts ON THE FLY if you find yourself without a gym that will work with the plans she's already setup for you. Seriously, the woman is responsive, an amazing cheerleader, and goal oriented to get you what you want! Most importantly for me, she has the spiritual mindset to frame everything around your needs as a spiritual person in an earthly body. Health is self care and with her in your pocket you can't go wrong!!!"
Charlotte B
Jenny’s story: 
“Let’s rewind it to the end of July 2019. 
Bad eating habits (and when I say bad, I mean super unhealthy). 
Here in Vegas we are spoiled with vegan food everywhere so I eat everything in sight. 
I’d eat out often since I was always on the go. 

But it wasn’t until I felt like I was truly letting myself go- I told myself I had to leave all excuses at the door!

Keep in mind, this picture doesn’t show all the tears I have cried, 
all the sweat that has left my body, 
and the restless nights. 
But it does show my journey. 

It does show where I started and where I am now and it excites me. 
I can’t wait to see what my next progress pics show.”
Jenny G
"I am still in shock at what I was able to accomplish in such a short time. 

I am so happy I decided to ask for help when I did. I am stronger because I asked for help and decided to have guidance through something that was unknown to me.

The last time I was in a gym was before 2007. I had never walked into one as an adult until July 2019. The only physical activity I did the last few years was hiking so I had no clue what I was getting into. I just knew I needed something.

I am so thankful I found Coach Jazmin. She taught me how to make a lifestyle change, not just some short term weight loss crap. She helped open my eyes and she held my hand (virtually 👭) through a truly life changing process. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing vegan goddess. 

I couldn't have asked for a better coach, mentor and counselor 🤣 it made this process so much more than I thought it was going to be!

And shout-out to my wonderful wife for being so amazing and supportive. THANK YOU for encouraging me to do something for myself and pushing me to step outside my comfort zone. 💜 🦞
Lacey F.
"Something that has been a game changer with this program for me has been the personalization." 
Jazzy and I sat down in the very beginning and had a very serious couple hour conversation about what my goals are, and we got deep and very specific.. and as a result my diet has been tailored to that and my workouts are tailored to that. "
SIDNE's story
I was content with my body but not feeling fierce or not really feeling empowered. I was missing overall confidence. So that's why I reached out to Jazzy.
I definitely toned up my whole body. It's just really a different body from a year ago. My picture from day one and now is definitely different. I think one of the most powerful things is to know that you're strong woman and that you can take control of your life. You can do it. Just take a baby steps.
Stacey's story
Victoria's story
"Jazzy's program was perfect for me because I was at a point in my fitness journey where I really needed guidance.  I learned a whole new way of eating that has most definitely stuck. I got consistency which I was seriously lacking. And I got the support and guidance I definitely needed."
"I am super busy all the time working 45+ hours a week, and I have a toddler. So making the investment to COMMIT to a plan was so worth it." 
"Jazzy is perfect for me because she's definitely a role model and someone to WANT to take advice from. I have before spent money on plans and trainers who I just never stuck with because I can't relate to them, but I feel Jazzy is a great fit for me"


"Jazzy has been amazing. In only my 3rd week in her program I already felt so much better both physically and mentally. I had kept trying to stick to a healthy diet/lifestyle and workout plan and couldn't. 
All my friends and family are so impressed with how I am rejecting alcohol and french fries etc and going to the gym regularly."


"I most definitely feel and see the gains... I am getting smaller, I can tell in my clothes"
I would walk into the gym and feel completely lost. Didn’t have clear goals therefore I didn’t have a structured workout plan to achieve those goals. Since I was already vegan before signing up, the nutrition part wasn’t what I was struggling with. I wanted to gain more confidence in the gym and know why I was going and exactly what to do to get there. Each workout plan has videos for each exercise and a description as well. It’s very simple and easy to follow and now I can go to the gym and know what the heck I’m doing 😅 It was life changing for me because I would eat not knowing at all how many calories I had that day or any of my macros. It’s been eye opening.”
Vicky C
Vegan Goddess Fitness donates a portion of every woman's tuition towards helping rescued farm animals at Barn Buddies Animal Rescue in Las Vegas, NV, and other local animal sanctuaries. 
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Which best describes your goals?
I need to lose body fat
I am focused on muscle growth
I need to do both: lose weight AND gain muscle
I just need more energy. I am drained every day and not productive as I should be
I have been obsessed with fitness going on 7 years now! Before that, I was so out of shape, and hated working out! I ate tons of junk food and saw myself becoming this unproductive person I wasn't proud of.

One day I decided I was tired of not caring, and jumped into health and fitness. After week 2 of working out, I started seeing results, and was hooked!
I never thought I'd be here today, coaching the most amazing women ever in mastering their body and health.

I went vegan October 2014 and instantly fell in love with the lifestyle. I used to think you needed to eat meat in order to build muscle, however after being vegan and seeing my muscles grow even faster than before.. it made me a believer! 

Vegan nutrition is the best for you, for the planet, and for the animals. I specialize in coaching vegan/vegetarian women in fitness, and teaching them what foods will lead to the best results.