Healthy Vegan Meal Plan for Your Busy Work Week
Healthy Vegan Meal Plan for Your Busy Work Week
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Your busy work week is about to get a whole lot easier
A huge problem many women face is juggling a busy schedule and healthy routines. You may have the very best intentions to eat a quality, whole, plant based meals, but once you are neck deep in to-do lists and appointments, you may find yourself resorting to DoorDash, or those frozen veggie burgers to get you by. I get it. I've been there.

This work-week meal plan will help you simplify your busy week, and help you create a plan of action that is easy to follow. 

Included in the meal plan:


These are not your typical, complicated vegan recipes you find all over the internet. These are simple, delicious, and follow a whole food plant based approach.

Nutrition Facts

Learn why I recommend these meals and how they promote a healthy body and life

Grocery List

A convenient grocery list to help make your grocery shopping a breeze

Strictly Vegan

All Vegan Goddess meal plans are designed specifically for vegan + plant based women

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