Select a Program That Best Suits Your Goals

Once you choose your program, you will have the option to add 1:1 coaching calls as a program add-on, if you wish to have Jazmin, or a Vegan Goddess coach check in with you during your program. Otherwise, all programs are go-at-your-own-pace,  self-lead programs!
Advanced Muscle Growth
12 Week Program
✨ Jazmin's Fav! ✨
I created JUICY to help vegan women build some beautiful muscles, become strong AF, become skilled in the gym, look AMAZINGGGG, and really learn what their body needs in order to finally see progress.
Weight Loss Focused 
8 Week Intensive
Light and Free is specifically for women who want to lose between 10-20 pounds. Although this program is *technically* about weight loss, 
it's *more* about free-ing yourself from all the baggage that holds you back from reaching your fitness goals so you can be unapologetically YOU again
Glutes of a Goddess
21 Day Challenge
21 Days of workouts AND daily mindset trainings to help you create new habits that stick! 
*this is a self-lead 21 Day Challenge. If you prefer to be part of the next live challenge, click here.
Booty Guide: Top Exercise and Nutrition Tips for Strong Glutes
Hot Girl Summer Cookbook
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